iPod Owners Enjoy Free MP3 Audio Book Downloads

It is surprising to many people that audio books have been available since the 1930s, when the first music book recording was made. People still enjoy the convenience of listening to audio books, even though they are rare on tape these days. A free MP3 music book that can be downloaded to an iPod these days is the most popular type of music book.

Although such books have been around for many years, their popularity mp3juice really grew in the 1970s as the Sony Walkman was introduced. The small cassette tape player allowed people to take their recorded material along in a way that was convenient and new.

A decade later, the compact disk was introduced. Instantly, audio books and music on CD became more and more popular. Although audio books can still be purchased on CD, many people prefer MP3 files.

It is clear that there are many free MP3 audio books available from various websites. It is unlikely, however, that you will find a new edition of a bestselling book as a free download. These popular titles will still be available to purchase, but many of them will also be available as a free download.

Sometimes, authors or publishers will offer free MP3 audio books to customers who buy the hardcover book. This is a great incentive for the customer, and a good advertising and marketing strategy. It is especially helpful for a new author trying to establish a name and reputation.

Independent authors who don’t have their own publisher often create a website to promote their book. They offer the MP3 audio book free of charge when customers buy their printed book or e-book. This is a great way to increase sales and launch a website. People are attracted to freebies, and many people consider a music book download to be very valuable, especially if they are interested in a particular topic.

Many websites offer MP3 music downloads. These can cover almost any topic. Many of these websites are membership sites. When you sign up for a free membership or pay a fee, they will give your new members free MP3 music book selections.

Search the websites of large public libraries to find free MP3 audio books. There are also specialized websites that have collected a large number of works and made them available to download for free or a small donation.