Exactly What is a Backlinking Service and How Can it Help You?

Let me briefly describe an important moment in the life of every website owner: The site you have worked so hard to create has been online for six months. Although you are seeing some sales, it is not as much as you had hoped for. You started this venture hoping to make your mortgage payment and have more time to enjoy your life. You have been indexed by search engines. You’ve read everything about Google’s tools, and you have submitted a sitemap. You’ve studied metatags, and have a new understanding of the way that the web works.

However, if you try to search for your site with the keywords you believe your site should be listed with, you will not find it anywhere near the top jasa backlink. To find your site, most people would have to scroll through between 10-12 pages of listings. They would trust Google less if they did that. Google already has 110 listings for the main keyword you believe your site is about. They trust Google more than you.

This is where many website owners end up at some point in their venture. Although they followed all of the SEO rules, their site is not ranked. They tried all the SEO tricks they could find, but their site is still not ranked. Backlinks are the missing ingredient in the wonderful taste of success this website owner enjoys.

Backlinks are links from other websites that allow viewers to click on a term to take them to their site. Backlinks are a great way for search engines to find relevant sites for a particular search term. If a user searches for vacuum cleaners and your website has many backlinks with that term embedded, search engines will think, “Wow! This must be a site relevant to that term!” It will be given a high ranking if a user searches for the search term.

Once you have a good understanding of how it works, the difficult part is getting other sites to link to your site. It is not easy to convince website owners to link to your site in return for a link from theirs. Website owners are not willing to trade down in their website popularity (theirs is more popular than yours because it is new), so they decline your offer. Website owners will then pay for the links in order to sweeten the deal. They may even pay a lot to get the links. It is difficult to calculate the return on this activity because it takes so much time to get each deal signed and paid. Then, there are many steps that must be taken to verify that the link is active. It’s a difficult way to go.

Companies have come up with solutions. This company offers a backlinking service which will place links on websites they own to improve your search engine rankings. You can keep your backlinks for as long as you like and they will not charge you a monthly fee. It is usually $100 per month for 100 backlinks. Many website owners have found that these companies are the best way to get the traffic they need.